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Please note, thus far we have no pre-registrations for this class, so we will reschedule for another time. If you were looking forward to coming, please call (802)578-7931 and we will make it happen!

In these busy, complex times, stress is inevitable. Lucky for us, the natural world is filled with herbal allies and age-old remedies just waiting to help you relax, restore, and revitalize!  

Join wise woman Jessica LaBrie for an evening of delicious tastes, decadent smells, and quick and easy ways to calm your body and mind. You'll mix your own tea blend using adaptogens and nervines (herbs that help you handle stress and support your nervous system), learn simple self-massage techniques to help you unwind, reenergize, and even fight off illness, and create a custom aromatherapy blend and healing mantra to ground and support you, no matter what life throws your way.

Each participant will leave with their own tea, aromatherapy blend, and personalized toolbox of self care tips and tricks for a successful, serene year. $25 per person (includes all materials) or bring a friend for $20 each!

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