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In this hands-on (and hands-in!) class, participants will learn the importance of a healthy gut microbiome for mood, mental health, immunity, digestion, and overall wellness, and how to make our own probiotic lacto-fermented drinks and foods, prebiotic herbal teas, and other gut-healing formulas from the kitchen apothecary. You'll leave with 2 samples of our own kraut-chi, a gingerbug starter, recipes, and all the info you need to join the "counter culture" revolution!

How it works:


Each Kitchen Witch class can be taken by itself, or you can complete the series and come away with a growing collection of nourishing, botanical recipes and locally-sourced foods to support you and your family.

Each class you'll bring some jars (recycled are great) and (if you can) a vegetable or two from the suggested list (email me when registering so I can fill in any gaps). I'll supply all the other materials, including wildcrafted and homegrown herbs, organic spices, honey, and local meat/produce. Together we'll explore, experiment, cook, and make our own delicious, community-created culinary treats!

Class Schedule:

  • Sept 30: The Counter Culture of Wild Fermentation - bring 3 small jars and one or two of the following: a purple, green, or savoy cabbage, a carrot, an onion (red or white), a small head of cauliflower, garlic, ginger, or fresh dill. NOTE: we will have a lunch break, so bring a brown-bag lunch as well.

  • Oct 2: Echinacea Tincture and Fire Cider - bring 3 small jars (or 2 jars and a recycled tincture bottle) and one or two of the following: an onion, a horseradish root, some turmeric root, a head of garlic, an orange, a lemon, a hot pepper. 

  • Nov 5: Bone Broth and Herbal Soups  - bring 2 jars and one or two of the following: an onion, a head of garlic, a carrot, a potato, celery.
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Bring a friend, come play with flavors, take home our delicious, nourishing foods and remedies AND the recipes to recreate them in your own kitchen! 

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All proceeds go towards keeping the apothecary stocked with local, organic herbs, scholarships for aspiring herbalists, and supporting our community with low-cost/sliding scale wellness services.