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Here at Blackbird's Daughter, we believe self care is Sacred.

 Scruton Pond... home of canoeing, sunbathing, and clothing-optional swimming!

Scruton Pond... home of canoeing, sunbathing, and clothing-optional swimming!

Yummy. And totally necessary for us to be the vibrant, bad-ass, amazing people we want to be! 

What better time than the longest days of the year to recharge, relax in nature, and gather the knowledge and joy we need to stay sane, grounded, and joyfully whole? Beloveds, we present you with....

The 1st Annual Summer SOUL-stice! Retreat - a weekend of Sacred Self Care in scenic New Hampshire!

Enjoy vegetarian meals, camping, music, dancing, ceremony, yoga, art, and so much more! Our amazing line-up of teachers, holistic practitioners, artists, and vendors will leave you refreshed, restored, and ready to sustain yourself with new skills and practices for guilt-free "me time"!

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  • The raft is in the pond, canoe is waiting, fireflies are out, and the gardens are in full glory! We can't wait to share them with you!
  • If you'd like to come for just one you can! 
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Jessica LaBrie, owner of Blackbird's Daughter - Managing Stress the Wise-woman Way and Altar Your Space, Alter Your Life

Sarah Schantz - Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra: A restorative meditation for rest and personal harmony.

Robin Bellantone, LMHC, owner of Liminal Therapy - The Liminal Moment: Staying present in the midst of change.

Stephen McPhee, shamanic practitioner - Rhythm in Harmony Drum Circle

Katrina Coravos, founder of Liberty Chocolates - Fire Ceremony


Lisa Estabrook, creator of SoulFlower Deck - Using SoulFlower Oracle Cards

Ricky Simaratana, owner of Medicine Wheel Matrix - Indigenous Wellness and Energy Healing

Alexa Rivera, the Omega Institute - Make Your Own Gathering Basket! Intensive

Kathy Bee, of the Raven-Wolf Center - Communicating with the Beyond


SOULstice includes:

Council of Elders
Honoring our elders is critical to a balanced, healthy society, and we want to honor YOU. All self-identified elders are invited to join the Council of Elders, receive a handmade bottle of Elderberry Syrup, and get 10% off their registration! What is the Council of Elders? All SOUL-stice attendees in search of wisdom can submit anonymous questions about life, self-care, etc. When we gather in Circle, we'll ask a few of these questions for the Council to answer. Need some advice?  Ask the Elders!

Barter or Trade Fair!
All attendees are welcome to bring their healing/arts skills and handcrafted or repurposed wares to the Barter or Trade Fair! Make sure to bring business cards or brochures to share, too!

Green Witch Village

If you have a small business that supports the community, we want to support you! Come vend your wares and skills, from massage to art to herbcraft and food. Please note, there are set times that the Village is open, so you'll be able to take part in all the yummy classes and workshops, too!

Community Discounts

We offer a 10% discount to Elders, next generation attendees (ages 16-18), and Migrant Justice and Black Lives Matter workers/volunteers. Thank you for making our community stronger!

Meal Plans

Meal plans are sold out, but you are welcome to come and bring your own picnic. Cost to attend without meals is $15 for Friday evening, $99 for Saturday, and $60 for Sunday - register below.

Payment Options
Please choose which discount applies
Your name here, Beloved!
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