• Merrimack Valley High School (map)
  • 106 Village Street
  • Concord, NH, 03303
  • United States

NOFA-NH WINTER CONFERENCE: "Grow Them, Don’t Mow Them: Weeds FTW!"

Do you know the value-added possibilities growing for free on your farm? In this inspiring and informative workshop, participants will explore wild native, naturalized, and invasive plants from an herbalist's perspective, with stories, tips, and recipes of how to turn them into food, medicine, liqueurs, and more. Learn the value of going fallow as we discuss feral friends like Burdock, Dandelion, Comfrey, Mullein, Saint John's Wort, Pig Weed, Plantain, Wild Rose, Barberry... even Autumn Olive!

Jessica LaBrie is a wise woman, integrative herbalist & aromatherapist specializing in workshops, apprenticeship programs, wise woman wellness counseling, and healing blends for wellness and joy. Owner of Blackbird’s Daughter Botanicals, LLC, co-founder of Mama’s Kiss Cannabis, and president of the New Hampshire Herbal Network, Jessica is dedicated to aiding people on their sacred life journeys by reconnecting them with nature's healing gifts and inspiring a new generation of herbalists.