• Canturbury Shaker Village (map)
  • 288 Shaker Road
  • Canterbury, NH, 03224
  • United States

Come to the 9th Annual Herb & Garden Day, where herbal educators and seasoned growers from all walks of life will come together to share their unique knowledge and build upon a tapestry of age old wisdom about herbs and natural medicine, native plants, organic gardening, permaculture, traditional homesteading practices, fermentation, brewing, and the power of nature to heal. If you are a curious seeker, intrepid plant lover, herbal entrepreneur, earth lover, or natural health advocate, this event is for you.

Jessica will be presenting How to Hear the Talking Trees: The Science and Spirit of Plant Communities! New science is proving what shamans and wise women have known throughout history – plants are sentient beings, capable of communicating across species, distances, and even time. In this class we’ll discuss the ways that plants create and support their families and friends, how they work together for the good of the forest, and some of the ways they talk with each other – and us humans. You’ll come away with a greater appreciation for the mystery and majesty of nature, as well as insight into how the trees can teach us to be better people.