Enjoy a sound healing experience with sacred drums from around the globe and bowls hand-made made in Tibet. Help support Tibetan villages rebuilding and Native drum makers.
Our 3-1/2’ healing drum, Hoop of Many Colors, brings the energy from places she has led our programs - as in Stonehenge. Leave refreshed, energized and with a sense of deep healing happening within.

Led by Jim and Sue Graywolf Petruzzi of Sanctuaries of the Earth Mother and co-hosted by Blackbird's Daughter Botanicals and the Raven Wolf Center. Jim has learned from indigenous elders around the world for 30 years and Sue has worked with the Grandmothers and the music.

Shamanic program - $35 person
Sound Healing - $35 person
Both programs - $65 person
Bowls and drums for sale at
great prices as well.

To register email info@blackbirdsdaughter.com