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Leading a weed walk with the Eliot Garden Association in Maine!

Leading a weed walk with the Eliot Garden Association in Maine!

Hosting an event or party and looking for something amazing and memorable for your guests to enjoy? From wild foods and homemade booze to perfume making and plant communication, we've got you covered! Whether we hold the class at Blackbird's Daughter Botanicals in Barrington NH or your home or business, your guests will have a wonderful time - and so will you!

Simply pick an event from our magical list. I'll provide all materials, handouts, and the Facebook event page, and you gather your friends, neighbors, coworkers, kids, and anyone you want to learn with. Easy peasy! 

Herbal events are fun to host and can be modified for all ages and experience levels, from beginner to advanced. To book an event outside the Seacoast, NH area, several months advance notice is highly encouraged and travel fees apply. Events need six or more folks to run and are free for the host. Up to 20 participants may attend. Call (802) 578-7931 or email Be the good the world so desperately needs - Let's manifest this!


1) Bad-ass Prayers for Dark Ass Times

Join wise woman Jessica LaBrie for an evening of radical self-love and spiritual badassery as we use creativity and prayer to shine our personal light into this time of darkness. We ARE the antidote! Rise up, claim your power, name your truth. It’s time. Suggested donation: $10 goes to Welcoming New Hampshire, a local organization supporting immigrants in New Hampshire. No participant cap.

2) Dowsing for Dosages: How to use pendulums, L-rods, and muscle testing with clients, plants, and in the home apothecary. (2 hours)

Learn simple and effective techniques to aid in determining client sensitivities, crafting custom blends, and establishing dosages and servings, as well as when wildcrafting and growing your own herbs. Dowsing is a wonderful addition to the clinician's toolbox that you can easily teach clients, encouraging active participation in their own wellness plan! Please bring a pendulum if you have one; they can also be purchased for an additional fee.

3) Plant Ally Shamanic Meditation (2 hours)

In this guided shamanic journey, we will connect with one of our plant allies, and begin to explore the ancient wisdom and potent, spiritual medicine these teachers have to share. You may wish to bring a notebook and/or colored pencils to record your  journey. *Combines well with the following course:

4) How to Hear the Talking Trees: The Science and Spirit of Plant Communities (2 hours)

New science is proving what shamans and wise women have known for centuries - plants are sentient beings, capable of communicating across species, distances, and even time. In this class we’ll discuss the ways that plants create and support their families and friends, how they work together for the good of the forest, and some of the ways they talk with each other - and us humans. You’ll come away with a greater appreciation for the mystery and majesty of nature, as well as insight into how the trees can teach us to be better people.  

5) A Walk on the Wild Side (1 hour)

Eat your weeds! Come for a walk and discover a world of medicinal and edible native plants in the beautiful Champlain Valley. Hone your plant identification skills and find out which wild plants can be used for food, medicine, and more. Families Welcome! Rain or shine.

6) Infuse Your Booze: Grow Your Own Gin (2 hours)

Use organic and wildcrafted botanicals to make your own custom flavored gin. We'll discuss top notes, base notes, and and all the flavors in between, as well as the best ways to bring about the subtle flavor bouquet you prefer. All ingredients (except alcohol) provided. Please bring a small bottle of vodka to use and 2 recycled jars to take home your unique libations!

7) Herbal Chocolates: A Sensory Culinary Adventure! (2 hr)

In this hands-on workshop, we’ll combine the deliciousness of chocolate with the magic of herbs and spices for a sensual experience not to be missed! From Lavender Hot Cocoa to Aztec Cacao Bark, discover ancient lore, taste the pleasure of making your own custom chocolate recipes, and leave with samples!

8) Counter Culture: Fermentation & Prebiotics in the Herbalist's Kitchen (2 hours)

In this hands-on (and hands-in!) class, participants will learn the importance of a healthy gut microbiome for mood, mental health, immunity, digestion, and overall wellness. Most of us know how to use bitters and carminatives, but in this class we'll learn how to include easy-to-make probiotic ferments, prebiotic herbal teas, and other gut-healing formulas to the kitchen apothecary. Bring a notebook and a glass half-pint jar (recycled is great) and leave with a sample of our own kraut-chi, recipes, and all the info you need to bring your herbal practice into the "counter culture" revolution! (note: this course focuses on digestion and the enteric nervous system but does not cover bitters, though I can easily incorporate that. Depending on participants' base knowledge, the class can be more or less hands-on, with an optional PowerPoint (2-3 hrs)

9) Fire Cider (2 hours)

Join the Fire Cider revolution and discover just how deliciously easy it is to keep yourself healthy this cold and flu season! Fire Cider is an age old tonic for immune support, digestion, and energy. In this fun and informative workshop, you’ll learn how to make your own. Bring a notebook and a glass half-pint jar (recycled is great) and leave with a sample!

10) Handmade Indulgences

Leave the chemicals behind and nourish your skin organically from tip to toe! Explore the ancient science of Ayurveda and discover the simple elegance of using pure, clean ingredients to create your own personalized beauty products so you can feel confident, pampered, and absolutely radiant! (This course is broken into 3 two-hour sessions that can be offered separately or combined into one day-long intensive.)

Kiss and a Wink! Take your pucker to a whole new level! Learn to make your own tinted, shimmery, and flavored lip balms with all natural ingredients!

Best Face Forward! Whether your skin is sensitive, blemish-prone, dry, mature, or a combination of the above, this class has you covered, from gentle honey masks and cleansing grains to Ayurvedic facial serums. Please bring a wash cloth, large towel and large bowl to class.

Happy Feet! Pamper your hard-working feet and enjoy those summer sandals with a skin-smoothing Herbal Exfoliant Scrub and Aromatherapy Pedi Powder from natural, nourishing ingredients!

11) Earthly Aromatics: Think Outside the Bottle

While essential oils are all the rage, overuse of these incredibly concentrated botanicals has a huge environmental footprint and can lead to endocrine disruption and sensitivities. In this three-part course, we’ll explore ancient aromatic techniques from ritual incenses to distilled hydrosols and infused perfumes. Come away with the knowledge to create your own gorgeous fragrances from nature! (This course is broken into 3 two-hour sessions that can be offered separately or combined into one day-long intensive.)

Smudges and Incense From solid Kyphi-style incense to Smudge Wands and more, we’ll explore the many sensual and sacred ways of mixing and burning herbs, spices, and other botanicals. We will take part in a smudging ceremony and participants will leave with their own samples.

Homemade Hydrosols Discover how to create your own gentle and effective hydrosols right in your kitchen! In this workshop, we’ll explore the art and science of distilling your own floral waters for various skin types using fresh and dried herbs. A must-try class for beginning herbalists!

Infused Perfumes From infused oils to alcohols, there are as many tricks to making your own scents from nature as there are plants! Come learn the basics of making your own natural perfumes and colognes without essential oils, and come away with the knowledge to start creating your very own botanical scents!


Jessica LaBrie is a practicing Wise Woman, herbalist, spiritual perfumier, and the founder of Blackbird’s Daughter Botanicals. From wise woman coaching and holistic wellness counseling to classes and apprenticeships, Jessica shares her undivided connection to the divine with joy, honesty, and validation of the hard and beautiful work it takes to be Real.

Her medicine basket is filled with tools from many wisdom traditions and healing lineages, including herbalism, mythology, divination, Jungian psychotherapy and trauma-based counseling, Ayurveda, shamanism, Native American medicine teachings, intersectional feminism, and more. Her year-long Sacred Studies Certificate Programs and Introduction to Gaian Herbalism Apprenticeships empower people to become the healers and teachers the world so desperately needs. Join us!  Ⓒ Jessica LaBrie and Blackbird’s Daughter Botanicals