Kids and tweens deserve a magical, safe, and welcoming space where they can be creative and silly and utterly wowed by how cool the world is and how awesome it is to be part of Nature. They need a chance to sink into the sacred. They need to learn the skills they need to stand true to themselves, to practice self care, and to take care of the Earth and each other. And they need to be loved for who they are, how they are, every single day.
That's what these camps do.

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Each week we mix back-to-nature adventures, yoga, herbal wisdom, creative play, and oh so much more to create a summer full of wonder, joy, creativity, self confidence, and a deep love for the natural world we're so lucky to call home. Join us for a day, a week, or a summer - you'll never want to leave!

Led by Mama Gaia (aka herbalist, educator, and wisewoman Jessica LaBrie, owner of Blackbird's Daughter Botanicals), kid's yoga instructor Brooke Hollman (owner of Tree House Yoga), and Montessori early childhood educator Hannah Sheridan, camps take place outdoors in the beautiful gardens, fields, forests, community center, and woodland trails at Blackbird's Daughter Botanicals.

To register, save your spot with a $20 deposit and fill out the permission forms… easy peasy!

Nature Exploration Camp week 1

  • June 24-26

  • 9am-12pm

  • ages 5-14, under 5 bring a grown-up

  • $120 for all 3 days, $45 for one day. Apprentice/Client Special (10% off full camp attendance for children of apprentices and clients): $108. Space is limited; reserve your child's spot with a $20 deposit.

In this magical nature camp where we mix STEAM, yoga, and good old-fashioned greenwitch magic....anything could happen! Whether we spend the day making animal masks, following bird calls and tracking animals through the woods, playing Skategories and learning about animal poop, or going on a Crystal Quest and climbing the boulders in Fern Gulley, we're sure to have a Woodland Adventure! Led by Mama Gaia and Brooke

Young Folks Wisdom Camp (full day)

  • July 8-10

  • 9am-3pm

  • Specifically for tween people ages 9-14 (all pronouns and ways of learning welcome!)

  • $200 for all 3 days. Apprentice/Client Special: $198. Space is limited; reserve your child's spot with a $20 deposit.

Join us for an empowering 3 days of fun as we discover our inner wisdom, bravery, creativity, and awesomeness! Together we'll explore and unpack some of the challenges of growing up while learning natural ways to de-stress, re-energize, relax, and nourish ourselves. We will practice yoga and mindfulness, discover secret ways to access your inner calm and courage (tricks you can do without anyone even knowing!), blend fresh-from-the garden teas and remedies to support healthy hormones, moods, and energy levels; and go wild with sacred art projects like plant mandalas, mythical masks, and journal making. We'll explore what kind of people we want to be, how to stand up for yourself and others, and what makes a good friend. You'll leave with new friends, greater confidence, your own aromatherapy power amulet, and the wisdom and strategies you need to guide you through the next stage of your amazing life! Led by Mama Gaia and Brooke

Yoga Camp

  • July 15-17

  • 9am-12pm

  • ages 5-14, under 5 bring a grownup

  • Location: Barrington Zen Center (right down the path from Blackbird's Daughter Botanicals)

  • $120 for all 3 days, $45 for one day. Space is limited; reserve your child's spot with a $20 deposit.

Yoga is so much more than just stretching - this camp combines movement and mindfulness, games and art, science and nature, and most of! Led By Brooke

Nature Exploration Camp Week 2

  • Aug 12-14

  • 9am-12pm

  • ages 5-14, under 5 bring a grownup

  • $120 for all 3 days, $45 for one day. Apprentice/Client Special: $108. Space is limited; reserve your child's spot with a $20 deposit

  • The adventure continues! Whether we're going on a Wetland Safari to visit the beavers, newts, herons, and turtles (picking wild blueberries along the way!), gathering water samples to explore with our Super Sight microscope and making a Microbe Mandala, sniffing and nibbling our way through a Garden Scavenger Hunt, making our own Wild Sun Tea, playing Tracks and Trails, or building Fairy Houses and Gnome Homes, it's another not-to-be-missed week with Mama Gaia and Brooke!

Kids Herbalism Camp (full day)

  • Aug 19-21

  • 9am-3pm

  • ages 8-14

  • $220 for all 3 days includes all herbs and materials. Apprentice/client special: $198. Space is limited; reserve your child's spot with a $20 deposit.

In this joyful herbalism camp we'll romp from garden to forest to field learning to safely identify, grow, gather, and prepare edible and medicinal plants. Learn which plant allies will heal bug bites, sore throats, bumps, bruises, scrapes and sunburns and which ones will help you focus, relax, and de-stress. Activites include plant walks, gardencraft, blending healing potions, making a nature mandala, playing herb games, and creating herbal foods and teas. Fun take home treats included! Led by Mama Gaia and Hannah.

We can't wait to play with your awesome kids!

Full directions and permission forms will be emailed to you upon registration. For more information, please call (802) 587-7931, or email