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Learn how to take care of yourself, your family, your community, and the Earth.

Create your own herbal remedies, foods, and wisdom tools.

Develop a deep, authentic relationship with the plants themselves.

Course Outline:

The Sacred Gaian Herbalism Apprenticeship Program is broken into two, 6-month modules:

Module 1: Introduction to Sacred Gaian Herbalism (October 2018-March 2019) 

 This 6 month apprenticeship is of use to beginners and experienced herbalists alike. It is designed to introduce students to a variety of Nature-based healing traditions, holistic self care strategies, herbal remedies, and wellness practices from around the world and across time (including Ayurvedic, Shamanic, Wise Woman, Eclectic, Folk, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Curanderx, and multiple Native American traditions). Together, we will explore how to incorporate these diverse modalities into our own herbal practices - safely, respectfully, and wisely. Each class, we'll meet different herbs and get to know them in-depth through individual and group projects (including making your own oracle deck and a group materia medica!), hands-on practice, shamanic journeying, readings, and more. Over time, you'll gain a basic understanding of both body systems and herbal energetics, which will allow you to explore how each plant/mushroom supports the body, and how different herbs and dis-eases relate to doshas, chakras, traumas, etc. By the end of the apprenticeship, you'll have made a whole medicine chest of Syrups, Teas, Tinctures, Oils, Salves, and Steams), cooked up nutritive foods (bone broths, lacto-ferments, golden honey, etc), and come away with a greater appreciation of the rhythms, traditions, and connections of Sacred Gaian Herbalism.

 one of our gardening guru fairy godmothers, Marie!

one of our gardening guru fairy godmothers, Marie!

Module 2: Intermediate Sacred Gaian Herbalism (April-September 2019)

 This apprenticeship takes place mostly outdoors, and is designed for folks who want to learn how to grow and wildcraft herbs, and to make your own remedies and foods from them. In addition to hands-on practice in the gardens, woods, and fields (with some possible field-trips and guest teachers!), you will spend lots of time deepening your spiritual relationship with local and native herbs through guided meditations and journeying. Not only will you continue to taste, smell, study, and commune your way through nourishing recipes, you'll continue your remedy making with: Intermediate tincture-making, advanced oil infusions, creams, liniments, capsules, drawing clays, scrubs, and fresh herb poultices. You'll create an Intermediate Materia Medica and complete your personal oracle deck, and you will create your own portable herbal first aid kit. You'll also learn how to make Flower Essences and Environmental Essences, Hydrosols, Smudge Wands, and more, as you continue your journey towards becoming the powerful herbalist the world so desperately need!

Advanced and Practicing Sacred Gaian Herbalism possible 2019 and 2020 cohort programs in the works, stay tuned!

Please note, these are NOT YOUR TYPICAL classroom-style learning experiences... Instead, our classrooms are the apothecary, woods, fields, gardens, and your kitchen! You'll grow close to your cohorts, aka your Tribe, as we go deep, get dirty, and stretch our minds and hearts to understand the green world around us in ways you never thought possible! Each course ends with a Final Ceremony, and students who complete all graduation requirements receive a Certificate of Completion.  As your wisewoman and teacher, my mission is to help you fall ecstatically in love with the Green World and recognize your birthright as a natural healer. Prepare to sing, taste, laugh, pray, and get dirty!

Upon completing the Full Program, you will come away with:

  • a solid understanding of many Earth Based healing traditions from around the world and across time (including Ayurvedic, Shamanic, Wise Woman, Eclectic, Folk, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Curanderx, and multiple Native American), the ways they overlap, and how to incorporate elements from different practices respectfully and without cultural appropriation. 
  • practical and intuitive skills as an herbal healer.
  • a fully stocked Herbal Medicine Chest and traveling First Aid Kit.
  • A group Flower Essence/Environmental Essence Collection.
  • a commemorative, collaborative Materia Medica handmade by you and your fellow students!
  • a complete, handmade deck of Sacred Gaian oracle cards, including plant allies, seasons, doshas, and more!
  • the confidence and knowhow to make herbal remedies and healthy, nourishing foods for you, your family, and your community.
  • the ability to key-out and identify wild plants
  • a basic understanding of respectful and sustainable wildcrafting.


I offer this program at a low cost with the goal of making this wisdom available to more people. In return, I ask participants to agree to share some of what they learn with others to ensure the knowledge of wellness spreads.

  • Single Apprenticeship: $550 per course, not including books and materials.
  • Full Year Long Program: $1000 for both apprenticeship courses ($100 off), not including books and materials.
  • Scholarship Opportunity for Native Americans, People of Color, and Trans folk: Prospective apprentices who this applies to may apply for a 50% off work-study scholarship. This scholarship seeks in a small but meaningful way to replace systemic injustice with the skills necessary to heal and nourish all community members. 

Ready to take the next step? Hooray!

  1. Read the Application Letter carefully.
  2. If it all sounds good, fill out this form .
  3. I will reach out and schedule a time for us to meet (for students traveling long distances, we can meet over Skype or Facetime).
  4. Upon acceptance into the program, you'll reserve your spot with a full or partial payment, and I will send you a course list of required books and suggested tools and materials to begin your path as a Sacred Gaian Herbalist!